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Purple Editorial

The AI-powered Multichannel Publishing CMS

  The new face of digital journalism, Purple Editorial, our multichannel publishing CMS, brings digitalisation to your newsrooms. Purple allows editorial teams to transform their workflows into all-digital, distributing content reliably, quickly, and securely across various channels, reaching new readers. Our headless CMS solution accelerates workflows and creates highly scalable publications that can pivot in a rapidly-evolving publishing landscape.

Purple Editorial

Multichannel Publishing CMS for the Publishers of Today and Tomorrow

Purple Editorial helps your editors focus on what’s most important: publishing high-quality journalistic content that resonates with their readers. Our AI-enabled, modular multichannel CMS grows with your editorial teams, streamlining their internal processes. Standout features like automated linking, content recommendations, and topic discovery remove the guesswork from the Next Big Story.

Content Creation

In the intuitive editor, your editors can easily create, edit, and publish multi-format content quickly and smoothly.

Headless CMS

With a modular approach to digital publishing, Purple Editorial helps scale your digital publishing flow to include print partners, enabling both you and your partners to grow together.

Digital-first publishing

With a modular approach to digital publishing, Purple Editorial helps scale your digital publishing flow to include print partners, enabling both you and your partners to grow together. 

Multichannel publishing

Purple Editorial helps you publish content—either through omni- or multichannel publishing—where it is read, without added effort. Our multichannel CMS helps you to push content to your website, app, or both seamlessly and without coding or development know-how.

Multibrand publishing

Manage all your editorial brands from one flexible platform. Stay on top of things and send the right content to the right audience at the right time.  

Purple Editorial -
The Multichannel Publishing CMS with AI-powered Features

Purple Hub

The Hub is an intuitive system that provides editors with a complete solution from creating through to publishing publications, creating workflows that can accommodate the busy schedules of magazine, newspaper, and corporate news desks.

  • versatile, modular multichannel system based on the popular Gutenberg editor
  • Powerful and secure platform for successful digitization and scaling of your editorial portfolio
  • Integrated SEO features to assess whether articles will perform well in search engine results are easily findable
  • Seamless integration of Purple Growth AI features, including upgrading of editorial workflows, topic scheduling and automated populating of
    social media channels 
Purple Editorial Isometric Graphic
Purple manager

Purple Manager is a professional management solution tailored to the requirements of the publishing industry. Here, you can manage the access rights of editors, configure your multichannel publishing CMS down to the last detail, and keep track of your editorial portfolio.

  • innovative management tool for publishers and editorial offices
  • convenient management of user rights and digital products
  • Global management of technical configurations and regular updates for all channels and brands
Purple Cloud

Highly available content and scalable delivery with the dependable, always-on Purple Content Cloud. The powerful publishing software reliably sends your content to your target channels.

  • Professional, highly scalable delivery solution for editorial content
  • Fast and reliable publishing on multiple digital channels simultaneously
  • Import and distribution of third-party content via the Purple Content Gateway
Ramona Bürki

Business Development, ZT Medien

"At Zofinger Tagblatt, we are excellently positioned for the future thanks to Purple DS. The collaboration with the

Screens Zofinger Tagblatt
Mathis Neuburger


Thanks to Purple Prompts, we work more efficiently than ever in the MOPO editorial team. Purple's AI support is particularly valuable in news production and error correction, where speed and precision are crucial. The collaboration with Purple in the development of the tool is more than pleasant.

Martin Werren

Project Manager Technology & Data

"With Purple, we are relying on a very powerful production system with which we will also be able to flexibly implement future requirements."

Danielle Stevenson

Product Manager for Digital Editions at NewsLifeMedia

"Purple's modern work processes allow us to offer our customers native apps for all mobile devices."

Ramona Knorr

Project Manager Digital Publishing

"Thanks to innovative audio formats, we now offer our digital readers even more added value."

Florian Fricke

Head of International Digital Solution at Bauer Xcel Media

"Migrating all of our titles to a single platform is an exciting step in providing a consistent digital experience for our readers."

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