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Our 12 years of experience in the digital publishing industry have taught us that the former divisions into different publishing areas are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Old rigid divisions into web, app, social media, print and co. are dissolving at a rapid pace.

Why do you need a multichannel publishing platform?

Through our 12 years of experience in the digital publishing industry, we have learned that the former demarcations between different publishing areas are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Old rigid divisions into web, app, social media, print and so on are rapidly disappearing.

The reason? Users themselves are constantly making new decisions based on the sheer number of channels available. But where is the trend heading? At Purple, we clearly believe in holistic thinking and action.

In addition, modern publishing has to reinvent itself in order to keep up with the dynamic market requirements. Even today, readers expect a comprehensive presence on the most important channels.

A major challenge in this context is that new channels are constantly being added while existing ones are losing importance. One question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer for you as a content creator: How and where do I best reach my readers?

This is where our intelligent Purple Hub comes into play. The hub brings your entire content process together in one central location - keyword content syndication.

From the efficient creation of structured content, the import of existing content from any source, distribution to numerous digital channels with just a few clicks, to intelligent optimization using data-based AI analysis tools.

You can find out who we developed the Purple DS Hub primarily for in the next section.

Developed for professionals in the publishing industry

Designed for publishing professionals

Maintaining existing distribution channels and testing new ones is a matter of time and money, not least for publishing professionals.

That's why we've committed ourselves to relieving you of a large part of your increasingly complex workload. So you can concentrate completely on your main task: Your content. We then take care of the rest.

With unique automated print2digital workflows and maximally efficient cross-media distribution, the Hub is the missing piece of your content strategy puzzle.

Reuse your print content, combine print content with new digital-first content, use daily feeds and periodic issues to create new enticing offers for your readers. It will show up in sales.

What can the Purple Hub do?

It can do a lot, probably more than you can imagine at this point. In a nutshell, the Hub is the central hub for all your content and digital channels.

Whether print2digital or digital first. We're about to show you what the Purple DS Hub can do in terms of the #5 essential steps of modern publishing - creating, managing, distributing, promoting and analyzing your content.

Content Creation with Purple DS

#1 Content creation

As a content creator, your focus is on researching and writing high-quality content. Dealing with new digital channels, the technical requirements as well as the wide world of data analysis usually defocuses you.

You need something that gives you more creative and mental space. We can help you there. Read exactly how now.

Reuse old content
Let's say you've spent a lot of time and money on your print content, but you're not reusing it in your digital channels today. Why not just import your content into the Hub?

Importing can be done very easily from WoodWing Aurora, for example. Another option is to use our fully automated PDF-to-digital workflow. This way you can easily turn your PDF into responsive articles and outputs. All imported articles can be modified directly in the hub or easily extended with new content blocks such as youtube videos.

The import can also be done from other systems, platforms and feeds - keyword content syndication.

Create new content
You want to work digital first? No problem. Just use our intuitive WYSIWYG editor. It works like a powerful drag-and-drop builder based on content blocks. Content blocks are divided into text, image, tables, video/audio, social, formatting, layout, embed blocks, etc.

All blocks can be styled via CSS and behave responsively in all channels. This way you experience a flexible and intuitive creation of your content.

Content creation with content intelligence
Our integrated content intelligence supports you in topic selection (trends, seasonal topics, etc.), keyword identification according to the latest SEO standards or internal linking to existing content.

What can only be done manually by spending a considerable amount of time, is done furiously fast with the Hub - thanks to artificial intelligence.

Content Distribution with Purple DS

#2 Content Distribution

The reach of your content depends largely on your distribution channels. But how do you publish efficiently to so many different channels? How can you test new channels at any time without having to make large investments right away?

The answer: Use our hub. You create your main content just once and play it out to all digital channels simultaneously with just a few clicks.

There are new relevant channels on the market? We'll take care of it.

Huge reach potential
Benefit from our countless distribution options. Whether it's website, social media, Youtube, email marketing platform, voice assistant or many, many more.

Since no one knows what the future holds, the channel selection is of course continuously updated and expanded.

Powerful publishing dialog
You focus on creating your content and our intuitive software takes care of the rest. All you have to do is select the channels you want and press the publish button - that's it. Few clicks, a lot behind it.

In addition, Purple DS' integrated content intelligence helps you, among other things, to automatically identify your most profitable channels and automatically republish older posts (in beta phase).

Simple setting of meta tags and categories
Our hub allows you to set important meta tags such as title, content type, description or viewport tags very easily. With these attributes, which should not be missing on any website, you can fulfill basic SEO criteria in no time.

It is also very easy to set different categories for targeted playout.

Modern App Builder
Create your own branded mobile app. With your personalized app, you can increase your brand exposure, stay in touch with your customers, and give them even more access to your business. All without a single line of code.

Now new: Convert and publish your magazines directly to Apple News+.

Content Management with Purple DS

#3 Content Management

Another important component is a reliable content management system. And that's exactly where we come in. With our intelligent CMS, you always manage all your digital content and assets in a highly professional and effective manner.

Central content and asset management
With Purple DS Hub, you manage all your content, including issues and articles, together with your digital assets such as images or videos in a single place. Look forward to the numerous benefits, such as increased effectiveness, highly professional structures and a harmonious overview.

Effective data management
Use our CMS to effectively manage your data. How exactly does it work? You have all the usual tools at your disposal, according to the state of the art. Including versioning of articles, full text search, setting categories, tags or filters.

In addition, you have access to a fully comprehensive media database with many other useful features. Connecting external media databases such as WoodWing Elvis would be an option with manageable effort.

Multi-user Client
Collaborate with your colleagues in real time and optimize your workflows as well as the quality of your content. Create your own teams with different rights.

Content Promotion with Purple DS

#4 Content Promotion

Of course, creating high-quality content is a big part of your success. The other, but often overlooked part, is the no less important promotion of your content. Without marketing, no readers and users.

Read on to find out what variety of options the Hub has in store for you in this regard.

Integrating your marketing systems and tools
Achieve more impact with less effort. How? By simply connecting your existing systems seamlessly with Purple DS Hub. Flexible APIs make it possible.

Whether it's analytics, payment and marketing tools from Google, Adobe, iTunes, Amazon, DoubleClick etc. Entitlement software such as CDS Global or Palm Coast Data or even our own Purple DS user/readership management product can also be used to play out specific content only to specific readers/users.

Monetize your content
Increase your revenue with the right monetization options. Depending on your strategy, use a variety of options such as paywalls, subscriptions, video pre-roll ads, and many more.

Integrated Cross-Channel Marketing
Drive up the reach of your content. Use various sharing options and push notifications, as well as our unique Recommendation Engine that can automatically recommend content from your app to your website visitors, among others.

Content Analysis and Optimization with Purple DS

#5 Analysis & Optimization

Check the digital footprint of your content and track how your individual contributions are developing.

You no longer have to rely on estimates and vague measurements to answer the key question "How and where can I best reach my customers?". Instead, do it like the pros and let modern analysis tools support you in your decision-making.

All data in one place
You can track the performance of your content and your individual channels directly in the Purple DS Hub. This allows you to keep an eye on all important analysis data clearly and centrally in one place. This allows you to make informed, data-based decisions quickly.

Integration of important analysis tools
Synchronize the hub with your Google Analytics, Adjust, Flurry, Firebase, Amazon Pinpoint or Adobe Marketing Cloud accounts with just a few clicks. And get a detailed overview of your multichannel performance.

Grow faster with AI
The field of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving. If you are striving to continuously increase your sales and reach, there is no way around using the latest technology.

We have also integrated our integrated content intelligence directly into the Purple DS Hub. Based on your analytics data, we help you to make the right content decision and the right channel decision. So you are always one step ahead of your competition.

The biggest advantages at a glance

The Hub stands for maximum efficiency and for the fact that you can finally concentrate on your core task without a guilty conscience: The creation of fantastic content.

We have summarized the 8 biggest advantages of our software here once again for you.

Purple DS: All advantages at a glance


The Purple DS Hub combines holistic thinking and action. And is thus our tailored response to the multi-layered market changes and challenges in the area of modern publishing.

Make the most of your time, budget and content. Publish from one central location with just a few clicks to all digital channels of your choice, including your own native apps. Without a single line of code.

With the help of Purple DS Hub, you can create and publish all your content at a speed that is second to none. Guaranteed. But don't just take our word for it:

Find out how Purple DS Hub can help your business. Contact us now.

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