5th place in the kress CMS ranking: Our digital publishing software on the rise!

Gundel Henke

Our digital publishing software Purple has reached 5th place in the renowned kress CMS ranking!

5th place in the kress CMS ranking: Our digital publishing software on the rise!

We are proud and excited to announce that our digital publishing software Purple has achieved an impressive 5th place in the prestigious kress CMS ranking! This recognition reinforces our commitment to providing publishers worldwide with a cutting-edge, best-in-class solution for their digital publishing needs.

What is Purple and why did it get us to #5?

Purple is our innovative technology solution designed specifically for publishers to master the digital transformation with ease. We understand that the publishing industry is constantly changing and that publishers need flexible, intuitive and powerful software to successfully present and monetize their content. And that's exactly what Purple!

What makes Purple different from other CMS platforms?

  1. More than an editorial system: Purple goes beyond traditional editorial systems, offering not only a strong editorial tool, but also app and web frontends. With Purple, you can reach your readers on multiple channels and create a consistent user experience everywhere.
  2. Maximum flexibility: We understand that every publisher has unique requirements. That's why we developed Purple to fit seamlessly into your existing ecosystem. Thanks to our strong partner network, you can choose from a variety of building blocks and flexibly apply or swap them to best meet your specific needs.
  3. Latest technology: Purple always has its finger on the pulse. With our AI features, you can optimize content automatically, make personalized recommendations, and increase reader engagement. Our technology enables you to revolutionize your publishing strategy and create an unprecedented user experience.
  4. Fast results thanks to standardized components: Your time is precious, and we want you to achieve results quickly and efficiently. Purple consists of standardized components that can be easily integrated. This allows you to optimize your publishing processes and inspire with innovative content in a timely manner.

Our vision and gratitude

At Purple, we are convinced that the future of publishing is digital and we are passionate about helping publishers succeed in this transformation. The 5th place in the kress CMS ranking confirms our commitment and encourages us to continue investing in the development and improvement of Purple.

We would like to thank all our customers and partners who have placed their trust in us. Their valuable feedback and suggestions have helped to make Purple what it is today - a first-class digital publishing software.

Outlook for the future

With this success behind us, we remain hungry for further development. We'll continue to work on Purple to integrate new features and innovations that revolutionize the publishing industry and help publishers reach their readers even better.

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