Gutenberg Editor: Don't make the mistake and underestimate the new WordPress update

Timo Lamour

It's the hottest topic in the WordPress world right now and the most significant change in a long time. The WordPress version 5.0 is in the starting blocks and brings the new editor Gutenberg.

The world of website management has taken a big step forward with the introduction of the new Gutenberg editor with the WordPress 5.0 update, which has fundamentally changed the way content is created and edited on WordPress websites. Instead of relying on the previous classic editor that was more reminiscent of word processing software, Gutenberg offers a modern, flexible and user-friendly editing experience. In this blog article, we would like to give you an overview of Gutenberg Editor and how it can revolutionize your WordPress website development.

What is the Gutenberg Editor?

Gutenberg Editor is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable metal type printing. Much like its namesake sparked a revolution in the printing industry, Gutenberg Editor has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and design content on WordPress websites.

Unlike the classic editor, where all the content is entered in a single text field, Gutenberg allows you to create content in the form of "blocks". A block can be a paragraph, an image, a quote, a headline, a table, a video, or even custom content. With this block structure, you can create, edit, and move content much more easily and intuitively.

The advantages of Gutenberg Editor:

  1. Flexibility and ease of use: Gutenberg Editor offers a responsive and user-friendly interface that allows even novice WordPress users to create content professionally. The simple drag-and-drop functionality makes creating and editing content easier than ever before.
  2. Individualization and creative freedom: With the different blocks you can customize your content and adapt it to the needs of your website. Whether you want to create a gallery, make a product presentation or design an appealing landing page - Gutenberg Editor gives you the creative freedom to bring your ideas to life.
  3. Responsiveness: The content blocks generated by Gutenberg are responsive by default, which means that your website will display optimally on all devices. This is especially important as more and more users access websites via mobile devices.
  4. Improved modularity: The block structure allows you to organize content into modular sections, which makes it much easier to modify and manage content. You can reuse individual blocks and place them more easily in different places on your website.
  5. Future proofing: Gutenberg is an important step in the evolution of WordPress. It is expected that future features and extensions will increasingly rely on the use of the Gutenberg editor, making it the central interface for website management.


WordPress update 5.0 with Gutenberg Editor marks a significant milestone in the history of website management. The introduction of block editing provides more flexibility, ease of use, and creative ways to create engaging and professional content. With Gutenberg, WordPress becomes even more accessible for anyone who wants to build an engaging online presence.

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