News apps from Purple - for your multichannel publishing

News apps for editors and publishers

Increase your reach and engagement with Purple Experience—our solution for building effective news apps and websites for your news content.

News apps for your multichannel strategy

Multichannel publishing without apps? Unthinkable today! Publishers and editorial offices that want to expand their offering use news apps to meet the natural needs of their readership. As app publishing software, Purple saves you a lot of work. A Purple app is ready to go in a short time and integrates seamlessly into your editorial offering - for a uniform product world with recognition value.

Digital, scalable, and unified news apps

- Create news apps that perfectly match your brand while opening new distribution channels
- Scale your publishing strategy and create multi-brand apps from one interface
- Adjust your UI/UX in real-time without App Store updates
- Maintain a low-maintenance and consistent brand presence without the complexity of conventional hybrid apps.

Purple Experience: News apps –that are flexible, secure, and performant

With Purple Experience, you can create your news apps for Android and/or iOS devices and easily configure them to match the requirements of your brand. Purple Experience opens the whole world of high-reach news apps to you. Inspire your readers with new experiences. We are happy to advise you with a no-strings-attached consultation to discuss your publishing strategy and look forward to your enquiry.

The digital publishing software for the publishers of today and tomorrow

Our Purple digital publishing software consists of three powerful solution packages that make it easy for you to create multichannel experiences and flexibly expand your editorial offering. Publish unique journalistic products and work in efficient processes with highly available and performant technology - for enthusiastic readers, an inspired editorial team and growing sales.

Success Stories

A Publisher Platform that Delights Customers

Swiss Regiomedia AG: 27 newspapers as e-paper in a multi-title app

GEO Epoch has completely redesigned its digital presence - in the app and on the web.

TI Media benefits from Purple as an interactive ePublishing platform for around 100 apps.

Ring in a new decade of digital publishing - with our Purple software

With Purple, the whole world of digital publishing is open to you. Delight your readers with first-class journalistic products on all modern channels. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation about our digital publishing software. We look forward to your inquiry!

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