18 Content Marketing Blogs Even Publishers Can Learn From

Timo Lamour

Are you hoping to take your content strategy to the next level? Or are you currently struggling with a particular aspect of your distribution strategy? Are you wondering which platforms you should be present on?

Are you hoping to take your content strategy to the next level? Or are you currently struggling with a particular aspect of your distribution strategy? Are you wondering which platforms you should be on?

Why not check out brands and companies that also produce a lot of content?

Also, if you're facing a new, seemingly big challenge - there's always someone to get fresh inspiration from.

So why not look outside your own box? Over to the marketing bloggers, for example. There are numerous marketing experts who specialize in various digital niches, including.

  • Content Marketing,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Inbound marketing
  • and marketing automation.

In this blog, I have compiled the must-reads of some prominent professionals for you and garnished them with a few rather unknown insider tips.

The following blogs also offer interesting insights for non-marketers away from their own feel-good oasis.

And here we go.

1. HubSpot

Anyone involved in inbound marketing knows HubSpot. The software company organizes its own content on its blog into three categories: Marketing, Sales and Agency.

In this highly readable marketing blog, you'll find high-quality content and practical tips.

Topics include everything remotely related to inbound marketing, but especially content planning, content strategy, and analytics. Whatever you pick up here, you can trust the content.

Also: you don't have to and shouldn't use Hubspot's exact page structure and layout, of course, but you should definitely follow HubSpot's lead. Because this type of website reduces the lowest bounce rate and keeps visitors on your site for a long time.

2. Buffer

On the blog of Buffer, a well-known company for social media automation, you will find above all numerous statistics. Especially on social media but also on content marketing topics in general.

Remember: statistics validate your content. They increase trust between you and the reader and give your audience confidence that you know exactly what you're writing about.

For example, a post about how to produce great 6-second ads for YouTube uses stats like, "95% of videos watched on YouTube are played with sound. That means music and speech are essential components to your ad's success."

One of the numerous statistics - found and used by Buffer.

3. Seocracy

The professionals at Seokratie come from the SEO field and have set up an extensive, German-language blog on SEO and content marketing.

The seocrats know exactly what content marketing is all about.

For those who prefer to watch videos instead of reading long articles, this blog is perfect. This is because Seocracy has its own video blog with informative video tutorials.

4. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Blog by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, is one of the important blogs in the scene. I met him at the OMR Festival 2019 and I must say, he is really a great inspiration.

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the world leaders in content marketing training. In addition to a huge selection of blog articles on hot topics, there are dedicated sections for research, content marketing events and training.

One of the first steps in building a strong content marketing campaign is getting your team on your side. How do you succeed in doing that? By developing a content strategy for the weeks, months, and sometimes years ahead.

The Content Marketing Institute is one of the best places to go for just this kind of endeavor.

You'll notice right away that content is published on this blog on a regular basis.

And also that many different authors have their say and that a variety of topics are covered, from marketing automation to optimal strategies for increasing your conversion rate.

5. Toushenne

Comparatively unknown is the German-language blog "Toushenne" by Robert Weller. Robert Weller is a content strategist, lecturer and book author.

Toushenne is rather a blog for the advanced content marketer. You won't find the usual how-to instructions here.

Instead, Robert provides the necessary background knowledge on the more complex areas of content marketing in a simple and understandable way. For example, he reports in detail about artificial intelligence in content strategy.

6. Neil Patel

Another celebrity among content marketing blogs is Neil Patel's blog.

Neil is one of the top influencers on the Internet, according to the Wall Street Journal. He is a best-selling author and has been named a Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30 by President Obama and a Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 35 by the United Nations.

You know, it's one thing to write and publish a blog post. It's another thing entirely to interact with your audience. Remember, the main purpose of your posts is to inform your audience and, at best, teach them something.

Neil Patel really does his best to respond to every comment. Even to the ones that don't ask specific questions.

Neil Patel Comment Section

Another highlight on his website: Under the heading "Tools" you will find helpful SEO resources. For example, the Ubersuggest tool for free analysis of your own website.

7. Quicksprout

Quicksprout was originally started by the aforementioned Neil Patel in 2008. Neil built Quicksprout into one of the leading blogs for online marketing over the years.

Today, Quicksprout is run by Corry Cummings and Lars Lofgren. Through Quicksprout University, the two share with readers their top tips and hacks on various online topics. There is a separate section for content marketing.

In addition, you can browse this very comprehensive blog on the different facets of online marketing.

The free and very informative Advanced Guide to Content Marketing provides a detailed and advanced guide to your content strategy.

8. Online marketing

Onlinemarketing's German-language blog stands for high-quality content that also offers real added value for content professionals. There is a separate, well-stocked sub-section for content marketing with lots of news, case studies, best practice examples and analyses.

Onlinemarketing also pays particular attention to the various content formats, such as podcasts and videos.

By the way, keyword content formats: You can learn how to increase your reach by reusing older content here.

9. Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner blog describes itself as a "guide through the social media jungle". Social Media Examiner comes up with daily news from the scene. You will find best practices for social media, blogs and podcasts. But also comprehensive marketing guides for the individual social media platforms.

A real highlight is the weekly live chat on Twitter.

Social Media Examiner takes a broad approach to its own niche. However, you never lose focus in the process. True to the motto: There's always something left to say. Things change, new trends emerge, news happens, and so on and so forth.

In recent days, for example, articles have been written on the topics of LinkedIn Advertising, Instagram Stories Content Plan, Facebook and Instagram Shopping Ads, or Personal Branding.

10. Search Engine Journal

For more than 15 years, Search Engine Journal, an American online magazine, has been offering high-quality articles on online marketing.

The focus is once again on SEO, but there are also blog articles on classic content marketing. The articles are consistently written by qualified online marketing experts such as Roger Montti and are characterized by high quality. Furthermore, external experts such as Julia McCoy are brought in so that you can get to know different perspectives on content marketing.

Search Engine Journal Contributor Julia McCoy

11. Maël Roth

The blog of content marketing strategist Maël Roth offers sophisticated articles on the topics of content marketing and content strategy. And, worth noting, in German, English and French.

You will miss the usual articles on content marketing for beginners here. It's mainly about content marketing strategy. Maël Roth gives unusual food for thought, addresses unpleasant things and critically questions.

A pleasant blog beyond the mainstream.

12. Aimable

Zielbar is an online magazine in German that focuses on all facets of online and social media marketing. Content marketing in general is also frequently reported on.

The blog is clearly structured and provides good insights in casual and understandable language. Separate sections for video & audio, infographics and checklists are another helpful support.

13. Chimpify

Chimpify, formerly known as the "monkey blog", is Vladislav Melnik's blog. Here, everything revolves around inbound marketing. In addition to Vladislav, a variety of different blog authors write here about interesting facts about classic inbound marketing.

You will immediately notice that the blog articles are prepared in an extremely detailed and reader-friendly manner. Therefore, it is not surprising that the blog is primarily aimed at beginners.

14 Talkabout

In turn, even the most experienced content professional can learn something from the blog of content strategy consultant Mirko Lange.

You will immediately notice that Mirko Lange specializes in content strategy. In addition, Lange shows various exciting best practices and writes a lot about current trends.

15. Unbounce

Unbounce's blog specializes in landing pages and conversion optimization.

It is primarily aimed at marketers. Enjoy refreshing posts that explore conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, and A/B testing from every conceivable perspective.

16. Moz

Seattle-based Moz provides SEO software solutions. Moz became known for its detailed Beginners Guide to SEO.

MOZ SEO Beginners Guide made them quite famous in the beginning

The free guide can be downloaded from Moz's extensive "Learn SEO" section. There is also a Q&A section, a large learning center, paid training sessions and a forum with dedicated users.

Moz's English-language blog is primarily aimed at advanced users. The content on content and SEO is accordingly detailed and sophisticated.

If you recognize the importance of unique, useful content, you also know the importance of concrete case studies.

Moz takes case studies to a whole new level and publishes true works of art in this genre.

For example, this case study shows how a website managed to be listed first in Google organic search for an SEO keyword with massive search volume in under three months.

MOZ Whiteboard Friday

Moz is also offering free SEO tutorials on "Whiteboard Friday."

17. Sistrix

The company Sistrix has also specialized in SEO analysis tools. The blog of founder and CEO Johannes Beus and his employees is therefore primarily about SEO. However, content marketing also has a firm place.

There is a whole series of detailed and carefully researched blog articles.

Particularly exciting are the blogs with concrete tips for implementing your own SEO measures, as well as various studies that are embellished with graphics (from the Sistrix Toolbox, of course).

18. Jeff Bullas

Last but not least: According to Forbes, Jeff Bullas is one of the top social media influencers. And rightly so. So it's no wonder that he mainly reports about social media in his blog.

One thing you can learn from Jeff like no other: Namely, email marketing. It doesn't matter how much traffic you get or how big your niche is. Building a list for your email marketing campaigns is an absolute must everywhere.


If you come from a content creation or digital publishing background, or are someone else who wants to create more content - now may be the time to learn from the best.

Namely, the best marketing experts. Because when it comes to content, distribution and analytics, the blogs above have a lot to offer.

From affiliate and email marketing to automation. Many of the tips presented in these top blogs can help you exceed your own content goals.

Have I left out other top-notch bloggers who have helped you a lot before? Do you perhaps have a favorite marketing blogger? Let us know, on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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