Strengthen content creation with Purple

Content Creation: AI-enabled Newsroom Efficiency

As an AI-powered multichannel publishing CMS, Purple Editorial offers you intelligent functions that help you bring your editorial workflow and content creation process to a new level.

Optimise the publishing process for your digital newsroom’s content creation

Which content reaches whom on which channels? What is the composition of your target group? Analytics automatically creates a comprehensive content, audience and media analysis and displays important data that you can use for your content strategy.

How Purple Hub Optimises Your Editorial Workflow

- Simple creation and editing of content

- Rapid release

-Managing different content types

- Scaling across multiple channels

With Purple you revolutionize the way you write articles

Create, distribute, and manage diverse content with the help of a single content hub! With Purple, you can discover today what the everyday journalistic life of tomorrow can look like. At the same time, you optimize your efficiency and create space for new ideas and innovation. We would be happy to advise you personally and without obligation - we look forward to your inquiry.

Content Intelligence

Thanks to integrated content intelligence, Topic Discovery enables you to discover the most exciting, hot topics and news and inspire your readers with up-to-the-minute content and interesting headlines.

The digital publishing software for the publishers of today and tomorrow

Our Purple digital publishing software consists of three powerful solution packages that make it easy for you to create multichannel experiences and flexibly expand your editorial offering. Publish unique journalistic products and work in efficient processes with highly available and performant technology - for enthusiastic readers, an inspired editorial team and growing sales.

Success Stories

A Publisher Platform that Delights Customers

Axel Springer publishes eMagazines based on the print editions with Purple DS.

Efficient publishing of digital content: Zofinger Tagblatt

ZT Medien AG: How the Zofinger Tagblatt publishes digital content efficiently.

Ring in a new decade of digital publishing - with our Purple software

With Purple, the whole world of digital publishing is open to you. Delight your readers with first-class journalistic products on all modern channels. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation about our digital publishing software. We look forward to your inquiry!

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