Newsroom software - for maximum efficiency

Newsroom Software: Effective Content Distribution

With our intelligent software, you sustainably increase the productivity of your editorial team. The digital publishing platform enables your team to distribute its high-quality content at any time in an extremely user-friendly manner. Our solutions are designed to automate your processes and increase your efficiency. You can focus on creating targeted content thanks to intelligent features such as automated topic discovery, automated linking, and entity recognition.

The digital publishing software for your digital success

Your digital editorial team, equipped with our professional newsroom software, can do more with less. The technology supports your editors in their daily tasks and increases efficiency enormously. Create more productive processes and ensure consistent brand presence across channels. With Purple, you can establish the conditions for your editorial team to publish with enthusiasm and passion at an almost unprecedented speed.

Scale now with Purple's Newsroom Solutions

  • Increase your efficiency - with newsroom tools for increased productivity and more sales.
  • Establish powerful multichannel workflows with our workflow management system.
  • Newsroom AI: Artificial intelligence and data help your editorial teams engage audiences and develop new topics and audiences.
  • Inspire your team with our newsroom software. Purple gives your editors the freedom to do what they do best: deliver compelling journalistic quality. Purple provides the technical foundation for this.

Digital Publishing Software: Optimized for your success!

Your editorial team will love Purple! Because Purple is the first-class solution for easily delivering multichannel experiences to your audience. With our full publishing suite, you can sustainably expand your digital business model and make your newsroom more efficient.

The digital publishing software for the publishers of today and tomorrow

Our Purple digital publishing software consists of three powerful solution packages that make it easy for you to create multichannel experiences and flexibly expand your editorial offering. Publish unique journalistic products and work in efficient processes with highly available and performant technology - for enthusiastic readers, an inspired editorial team and growing sales.

Success Stories

A Publisher Platform that Delights Customers

Axel Springer publishes eMagazines based on the print editions with Purple DS.

Bauer Media standardizes its editorial systems more globally with Purple.

NewsCorp publishes premium magazines like Vogue, Vogue Living & GQ as apps.

Ring in a new decade of digital publishing - with our Purple software

With Purple, the whole world of digital publishing is open to you. Delight your readers with first-class journalistic products on all modern channels. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation about our digital publishing software. We look forward to your inquiry!

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