Easy multichannel publishing with Purple

Play out channel-specific content with just a few clicks

Purple: All your channels and content on one platform

In order to reach the largest possible readership with their own products exactly where they prefer to consume journalistic content, publishers have to rely on multiple channels such as website, app, and social media. The problem: managing multiple channels and content can be time-consuming and complicated. The solution: Purple multichannel publishing software, which connects all key channels and content in one place for easy, fast cross-media publishing.

The most important functions at a glance

Manage any number of channels in one central location via a modular content management system(headless CMS) Play out content on all channels with just a few clicks Thanks to digital-first publishing, channel-neutral content can be created and managed and published on any desired channel. Effective opportunities for collaboration between editors and teams Reach new readers and offer existing readers greater added value

Optimize your reach with multichannel publishing

Purple Editorial lets you distribute your editorial content in an innovative and efficient way. Save time with multichannel publishing software so you can focus on what's important: creating high-quality content. As experts in multichannel publishing, we will work with you to find the optimal multichannel publishing strategy for you!

Purple Editorial: Innovative Crossmedia Publishing

Our multichannel publishing CMS Purple Editorial enables you to implement simplified, highly efficient processes, distribute and manage your journalistic content on multiple channels, and reach new target groups with just a few clicks.

The digital publishing software for the publishers of today and tomorrow

Our Purple digital publishing software consists of three powerful solution packages that make it easy for you to create multichannel experiences and flexibly expand your editorial offering. Publish unique journalistic products and work in efficient processes with highly available and performant technology - for enthusiastic readers, an inspired editorial team and growing sales.

Success Stories

A Publisher Platform that Delights Customers

Axel Springer publishes eMagazines based on the print editions with Purple DS.

NewsCorp publishes premium magazines like Vogue, Vogue Living & GQ as apps.

GEO Epoch has completely redesigned its digital presence - in the app and on the web.

Ring in a new decade of digital publishing - with our Purple software

With Purple, the whole world of digital publishing is open to you. Delight your readers with first-class journalistic products on all modern channels. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation about our digital publishing software. We look forward to your inquiry!

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