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News website: Easily scale editorial offerings

Do you want to expand your editorial offering and reach your target groups even better on the web and especially on the mobile web? Discover the right solutions for an appealing, reliable and secure news website with Purple.

Excellent news website for your multichannel strategy

Purple is the easy way to bring highly automated multichannel publishing into your day-to-day business and scale your editorial operations on a large scale. Our solution for a powerful news website is specifically designed to meet the needs of publishers and editorial teams. Multiply readers' access to your content with an appealing news website - for top results and an enthusiastic readership.

Benefit from our solutions

- Scale your editorial portfolio with a highly available, on-brand web presence.

- Create your news website and any number of news apps with a Purple Experience solution - for more efficiency.

- Make changes to the interface and UX features in real time.

- Extend your website with third-party web solutions in no time.

Show journalism at its best - with Purple!

Purple allows you to create a secure and modern news website with innovative features. Integrate your editorial program and configure it at any time in Purple Experience's frontend editor. You and your team can make any changes to the frontend - for perfect content playout and presentation.

News website - an investment that pays off

Purple Experience solutions are your key to a high-reach, digital presence. Inspire your readers with an outstanding news website. Contact us - we will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation.

The digital publishing software for the publishers of today and tomorrow

Our Purple digital publishing software consists of three powerful solution packages that make it easy for you to create multichannel experiences and flexibly expand your editorial offering. Publish unique journalistic products and work in efficient processes with highly available and performant technology - for enthusiastic readers, an inspired editorial team and growing sales.

Success Stories

A Publisher Platform that Delights Customers

Efficient publishing of digital content: Zofinger Tagblatt

Bauer Media standardizes its editorial systems more globally with Purple.

ZT Medien AG: How the Zofinger Tagblatt publishes digital content efficiently.

Ring in a new decade of digital publishing - with our Purple software

With Purple, the whole world of digital publishing is open to you. Delight your readers with first-class journalistic products on all modern channels. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation about our digital publishing software. We look forward to your inquiry!

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