New trend: Apple News+

How to fully exploit the potential of Apple News+.

Apple News+ is a paid subscription service from Apple that gives users access to an extensive collection of news, magazines and periodicals. It is an extension of the Apple News service, which was first launched in the US in 2015 and later became available in other countries.

With Apple News+, subscribers get access to a wide range of high-quality content from various publishers and publications. This includes renowned newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal, as well as popular magazines such as National Geographic, Vogue, Rolling Stone, and many others. In total, subscribers have access to over hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

The service provides a user-friendly platform where users can discover the latest news, articles and feature stories from various categories such as news, politics, technology, fashion, travel and many others. The content is optimized by publishers in a special format for Apple News+ to provide an engaging reading experience on Apple devices.

Apple News+ supports reading articles both online and offline, which is especially convenient when users want to read content on the go without an Internet connection. In addition, the service offers personalized content selection based on users' interests, presenting them with relevant articles and stories.

To use Apple News+, users must sign up for a monthly subscription that provides access to all available content. The subscription can be shared across Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so users can seamlessly enjoy their content on multiple platforms.

It is important to note that Apple News+ is not available in all countries, and the availability of participating publishers may vary by region. Interested users can check the availability of the service in their country and learn about Apple News+ pricing and offers.

What you'll learn in our webinar:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Apple News+
  • What's new about Apple News+?
  • Apple's requirements for publishers
  • Apple News+ Publishing capabilities

Stephan Heck
Digital publishing and audience development expert and international speaker and entrepreneur.

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