15.02.2023, 11 o'clock

ChatGPT: Artificial intelligence in newsrooms

Can artificial intelligence replace the work of journalists?

The letterpress, the steam engine, the transistor - time and again, great inventions have led to a fundamental change in our way of life. The development of so-called "Large Language Models" (LLMs) such as GPT-3 and most recently ChatGPT also seem to be such an epoch-making invention. But what exactly is happening right now? And what does it mean for journalism? We take a look into the future.

ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to understand human speech and generate text. ChatGPT is fundamentally different from previous "robot texters". It understands questions and orders in an impressive way. It gives answers to all imaginable questions (mostly correct, too), can write articles in the desired style, summarize texts, program software, write poems and much more.

We are currently witnessing the emergence of a new form of "steam engine" that offers incredible possibilities. What of this potential is realistically usable and which of these applications can be used to improve journalism is an open question. Just as open as the question of the dangers. Big questions, then, that we want to approach.

In our webinar, we provide insight into, among other things:

  • The current lines of development of artificial intelligence
  • The capabilities of ChatGPT and possible application areas
  • How ChatGPT can change journalism

Peter Dyllick-Brenzinger
Head of Product and Engineering at SPRYLAB
Peter Dyllick-Brenzinger has been working with and on content management systems for over 15 years. Prior to his current role at Sprylab as Head of Product and Engineering, he was Head of Product for internal Headless CMS and Editorial AI development at Axel Springer for BILD and WELT.

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