How GEO Epoch created perfect conditions for multichannel publishing

Multichannel publishing: Increasing ROI for publishers through an intelligent distribution strategy

In today's digital era, where readers consume content across multiple channels, it is crucial for publishers to optimize their distribution strategy. Multichannel publishing offers a solution to distribute content across multiple platforms to increase reach and boost return on investment (ROI). In this webinar, we will take a look at the concept of multichannel publishing and how publishers can improve their ROI through an intelligent distribution strategy.

What is Multichannel Publishing?

Multichannel publishing refers to the publication and distribution of content across multiple channels and platforms. This includes traditional print media, digital websites, social media, mobile apps, email newsletters and other forms of content distribution. The goal of multichannel publishing is to make content accessible to different target groups and maximize a publisher's reach.

How does multichannel publishing increase ROI for publishers?

  1. Extended reach: By distributing content through various channels, a publisher reaches a wider audience. This allows more potential readers to be reached, resulting in increased visibility and awareness of the publisher.
  2. Targeted approach: Different channels appeal to different target groups. Multichannel publishing allows a publisher to tailor content to the preferences and interests of the respective target group. This leads to greater relevance of the content and stronger reader loyalty.
  3. Diversification of revenue sources: Distributing content across different platforms opens up new revenue streams for publishers. This can be done through advertising revenue, subscription fees, collaborations with partners, and the sale of premium content.
  4. Data analysis and personalization: Multichannel publishing enables publishers to collect extensive data on reader behavior. By analyzing this data, the publisher can personalize its content to further increase reader engagement.
  5. Improved cross-promoting: By linking content on different platforms, publishers can promote cross-promoting. This encourages readers to be active on different channels and strengthens brand loyalty.

Why you should attend

Creating great content takes anywhere from 6 hours to 12 days. Wouldn't it be crazy to waste that time? With multichannel publishing, you can maximize the ROI of your content.

GEO Epoch recently completely revamped its digital presence. In this hands-on webinar, we'll show you exactly how GEO Epoch did it.

This is what it will be about:

  • The requirements for multichannel publishing
  • The GEO Epoch publishing workflows
  • Live demonstration: How GEO Epoch uses Purple


Multichannel publishing is a powerful strategy for publishers to expand their reach and increase ROI. By distributing content across multiple platforms, publishers can reach and target a wider audience and diversify their revenue streams. With an intelligent distribution strategy and analysis of reader behavior, publishers can maximize the effectiveness of their content and build strong brand loyalty. Multichannel publishing is thus an essential ingredient for the success and competitiveness of publishers in the digital era.

Stephan Heck
Digital publishing expert, international speaker, entrepreneur and startup consultant.

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