11.07.2023, 11 o'clock

Legal challenges

Artificial intelligence in editorial offices

The progressive integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into editorial processes opens up new possibilities and at the same time raises important legal issues. We have teamed up with the renowned law firm NORDEMANN to bring you an exclusive webinar dedicated to these very issues.


Dive with us into the world of legal challenges in the use of AI in editorial offices. In this webinar, we will cover important aspects together with the experts from the law firm NORDEMANN, Dr. Stanislaus Jaworski and Dr. Malte Baumann.


Learn how to legally secure your editorial processes and bring the use of AI technologies in line with legal requirements. Our experts will provide you with valuable knowledge and practical solutions.


Learn in this webinar, among other things:

- Liability: Who is liable for AI-generated content?

- Copyright Aspects: How does AI affect intellectual property and content protection?  

- Disclosure requirements: What are the requirements for labeling AI-generated text?

- Current and future case law: insight into the latest developments and trends.

Dr. Stanislaus Jaworski | Dr. Malte Baumann
Law office NORDEMANN
Stanislaus Jaworski is a partner in the NORDEMANN law firm and focuses on advising companies in the media industry and associations on copyright law. He is an accomplished litigator who is also passionate about showing companies ways to avoid litigation and liability cases in the first place. Stanislaus Jaworski is listed in several lawyer rankings as a recommended or particularly outstanding lawyer. He is named a "standout superstar" in intellectual property by the WTR1000 lawyer ranking.
Malte Baumann is an associate at the law firm NORDEMANN and has been active in the field of copyright and Internet law for many years. He has gained experience not only in law firms, but also in international associations. His main areas of practice include in particular the cross-sectional areas in which technological and legal issues collide.

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