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The Adobe Digital Publishing Solution - as we know it - will no longer exist in the future. Adobe announced this today at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Solution - as we know it - will no longer exist in the future. Adobe announced this today at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Both Adobe Publishing Suite and the new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution will be replaced with integration into Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This is a further expansion of Adobe's Mobile Strategy. As part of AEM, DPS will be integrated into Marketing Cloud, extending mobile services.

Adobe DPS Publishing Suite will End of Life End of 2019

1 What is Adobe Experience Manager?

Adobe Experience Manager is a content management solution that is part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. AEM can be used to create websites, apps, and forms. AEM also enables management of marketing content and assets.

The ability to connect Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution has been around for a few months. According to Adobe, the advantages are well-structured asset management, comprehensive analytics, and the ability to publish across channels (web and app).

2 What are the implications of Adobe DPS integration for existing and new customers?

Until the end of February 2016, existing customers had the opportunity to renew existing licenses once again. After that, the changeover to AEM must take place.

It is clear that new app projects can only be created with AEM in the future. The upgrade to AEM means an expansion of features and possibilities, but also a completely different price level.

New customers can expect a package price in the 5- to 6-figure range in the future. Conversely, this means that Adobe is limiting itself to large customers. For many small and medium-sized companies and publishers, the new cost-benefit ratio will not be profitable.

Publishers in particular are already having difficulty monetizing their digital products.

3 What options do DPS customers have now?

So Adobe has announced that DPS will no longer be available as its own solution, effective immediately. Those who don't want to upgrade to AEM or can't afford this option will have to rely on an alternative.

When choosing a vendor, make sure that your existing DPS folios can be integrated into the new solution.

Now you may be wondering, "Will other solutions get along with my established work processes?"

Just as Adobe effectively integrates into your workflow, alternative solutions can also be used to process InDesign and PDF file formats.

The layouts serve as the content basis and can be easily supplemented with interactive elements such as pop-ups, animations or videos using flexible publishing tools such as those offered by Purple DS.

Migration of your existing Adobe DPS projects also takes place virtually by itself thanks to the Purple DS Migration Tool. Without the loss of existing animations and interactions.

Do you want to play out your content natively optimized for smartphone and tablet apps so that you can continue to offer your content offline and in stable running apps?

Purple DS is the most creative, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to Adobe DPS.

If you want to learn more about Purple DS, book a demo with one of our experts now.

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