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About GEO Epoch

GEO Epoche is GEO's history magazine published six times a year with a circulation of 120,000. Since 1999, GEO Epoche has been providing vivid insights into important historical events. GEO Epoche's specialties include intensive research, exceptional photos and clear illustrations of past life. The digital edition is published every two months.

Conversion from app to multichannel

Before the Purple DS HUB was used, GEO Epoch readers were simply provided with the content of the print magazines in an app. There were no additional formats such as audio. The app's features were also very reduced. Change was needed. It quickly became clear that GEO Epoche+ wanted to offer its own digital readers real added value with a new, modern look. An added value that goes beyond the limits of a printed magazine.

Multichannel publishing with a lot of added value

The more than 2,000 history articles are now organized in a completely new way on the multichannel platform GEO Epoche+. The special thing about it is that all the content is available on an article basis. Exclusive audio content is also available for the first time. For example, recorded favorite stories from the editorial team, expert interviews, background reports and podcasts. As well as a full-text search function that makes research easier for readers.
Here is a summary of the 5 most important GEO-Epoche features:

Here are the 5 most important GEO Epoch features summarized once again:

New kiosk with progressive loading

Readers can download all issues of GEO Epoch and read them offline. The download can take place in the app or web kiosk as well as in the individual articles themselves.

The so-called progressive loading feature is also active. This means that users can start reading while content is being downloaded.

Article based highlights

GEO Epoch+ provides its readers with curated articles in various categories.

For example, readers can view the best articles in the China, Middle Ages or Wild West category at a glance.

This gives the editorial team the opportunity for the first time to highlight particularly good and timeless articles. An added value that is only possible digitally.

"I particularly like the editors' recommended articles on various areas of interest, such as Ancient Rome or the Middle Ages," emphasizes Ramona Knorr, Digital Publishing Project Manager.

User-friendly UI/UX

The table of contents can be accessed with just one click in each article. This results in readers being able to switch to other articles in the issue at any time. Compared to the standard PDF reading mode, this is a big advantage.

Thus, GEO Epoch was able to significantly increase user-friendliness. This is also reflected in the numerous 5-star ratings in the App Store.

Intuitive switching between PDF and article view

Readers can switch between the PDF magazine and the article view optimized for digital reading with one click. In this way, the elaborately created print magazines are not lost in the digital edition.

Interactive audio content

The editorial team at GEO Epoch is taking advantage of the new digital possibilities to offer audio formats to its many subscribers for the first time. For example, the team produces a new episode every 14 days for the crime podcast Verbrechen der Vergangenheit. This adds exciting digital elements to the timeless articles and offers users further real added value.

Products used

Finally, a brief comment on the
content management of GEO Epoch

The editorial team controls both the app and website articles via the Purple HUB. This is the only way the team can rely on an efficient multichannel workflow and ensure, among other things, that the new audio formats can be inserted without much effort.

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