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Swiss Regiomedia AG is the publishing house for local and regional reporting in Switzerland.








Together with SPRYLAB, the publishing house Swiss Regiomedia has made its print media digitally accessible in a fully automated way. Via a customized multi-title app, the regional newspapers can now also be read as e-papers on mobile devices.

About Swiss Regiomedia

With 30 regional newspapers in German-speaking Switzerland, Swiss Regiomedia is an established player in the local environment. The free newspapers focus on reader proximity and offer news from the immediate local environment as well as service and entertainment. They are supplemented and financed by advertisements, brochure inserts, memo sticks and online advertising from service providers and local businesses. Advertising customers can reach around one million contacts in German-speaking Switzerland with the Swissregio Kombi offer.

Customized multi-title app with Purple

The publishing house Swiss Regiomedia wanted to be able to offer its readers and advertising customers print products as e-paper versions in an app, including a digital newspaper archive. SPRYLAB had already successfully implemented a first project for Swiss Regiomedia using Purple, the digital publishing software designed for publishing houses: an app for the Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich.

There were two options for implementation: To offer one additional app per regional newspaper or to design a comprehensive multi-title app for all 27 regional newspapers.

Swiss Regiomedia opted for a multi-title app. One of the plus points of the chosen solution is that it strengthens the link between the individual regional newspapers and the Swiss Regiomedia umbrella brand and gives advertising customers the entire portfolio at a glance.

Multi-title app with numerous functions

Purple has developed a tailor-made technical solution for the special requirements of Swiss Regiomedia so that all 27 integrated regional newspapers can be read in digital form directly on mobile devices. Users can scroll through their local news, zoom in to see every detail and search for their favorite topics.

The technology used in the Purple App-Kiosk allows Swiss Regiomedia to reuse its own print products in a time-saving manner. This means that the current print PDFs are automatically converted into digital editions with read mode. Users can also access the e-papers, including the digital newspaper archive, via the respective websites.

"The cooperation with SPRYLAB was very straightforward and on schedule."

Cordula Nebiker

Marketing Product Manager

Browse the digital kiosk

When opening the multi-title app, readers are greeted by a "digital newspaper rack" where they can browse through the wide range of titles. All the current front pages of the 27 regional newspapers are displayed here. Newspapers can be saved via a bookmark so that readers can quickly access their local newspaper the next time they open the app.

E-papers are available online and as a download.

The e-papers offered in the multi-title app are identical to the respective print edition. In the overview, users can select the desired issue of the respective regional newspaper, access the pages via the table of contents, and finally switch to reading mode to read an individual article.

Readers and advertisers can also access back issues via the integrated digital archive. Each issue is available online as an e-paper and is also available as a PDF download.

Relaxed reading in reading mode

With a tap on the desired article, readers can switch between the PDF magazine and the article view optimized for digital reading. Since the reading mode is responsive, articles can be read in portrait or landscape format on any mobile device.

In reading mode, users can also individually adjust the font size, switch between day and night mode, and take a closer look at images by tapping on them.

Full text search for the entire multi-title app

The integrated full-text search makes it possible to search the entire app for keywords or use the filter to search specifically in individual titles or individual issues. "What I find most great is the full-text search across all issues available in the app. That's absolutely brilliant, for readers, for advertisers and for our own internal marketing research," says Cordula Nebiker, Marketing Product Manager at Swiss Regiomedia.

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