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Purple Essentials

The perfect solution for small and medium-sized publishers

Discover Purple Essentials: an AI-supported editorial system with a high-performance website and modern app - cost-effective and quick to implement. This system revolutionizes your editorial workflow with a headless approach and integrated AI services. Specially developed for small to medium-sized daily newspaper publishers, Purple Essentials optimizes the entire process from content creation to publication and combines efficient workflows and innovative technologies to facilitate your digital transformation.

Purple Essentials

Your key to digital success - the benefits of Purple Essentials for your publishing house

Discover Purple Essentials, the ideal solution to take your publishing company into the digital age and open up new digital business models. Benefit from a system that not only optimizes your editorial workflow with intuitive operation and efficient processes, but also strengthens your digital presence with appealing websites and apps. With Purple Essentials, you can make the leap into the future - cost-effectively, quickly implemented and with comprehensive support. Rely on a solution that supports your vision and enables success in the digital world.

Cost efficiency

Purple Essentials impresses with its modular structure and standardized components, which not only drastically reduce implementation costs, but also optimize ongoing expenses. With user-based licensing, you only invest in what meets your needs. This keeps costs transparent and predictable. This cost efficiency allows you to allocate resources wisely and invest in the growth of your digital publishing company.

Fast implementation

Thanks to the rapid implementation, your publishing house will be digitally set up in just 4-6 months and ready to seize new market opportunities. The efficient setup, supported by professional project management, ensures that you can start into the digital future without long waiting times.

Apps and websites

Give your publishing house a digital identity with the apps and websites from Purple Essentials. Not only are they visually appealing and technically performant, they are also designed to work without the need for additional specialist staff or developers. Purple Essentials takes the technical burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on high-quality content while we ensure your publisher's digital presence.

Efficient working

Use Purple Essentials to make your editorial team more efficient and free up valuable resources for the development of new digital business models. The automation of routine tasks such as text length adjustments, SEO optimization and social media content creation leads to a significant increase in efficiency. This creates scope for creative and strategic thinking and opens up new opportunities for digital growth.

Simple operation

With Purple Essentials, experience a user interface that emphasizes intuitive operation and user-friendliness. Specially designed for the needs of daily newspaper publishers, our system offers a variety of predefined functions that make everyday editorial work much easier. This user-centered design allows you and your team to get up to speed quickly and work effectively without getting lost in complex menus.

Purple Community

With Purple Essentials, you become part of the Purple Community, a network for publishers to share challenges and best practices. Benefit from the knowledge of others and stay informed about current trends and news through regular events. Use this platform for exchange, learning and inspiration to further develop your publishing business.

Purple Essentials -
The fast, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution for your digital publishing

Purple Hub

The Purple Hub is an advanced editorial system specifically designed to optimize the work of publishers. It offers an intuitive interface that simplifies content creation and management across multiple channels. With integrated SEO tools, a powerful content builder and content personalization features, publishers can not only improve the reach and readability of their content, but also significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of editorial workflows.

  • Content Builder: Design your content easily and efficiently.
  • Multichannel management: Organize content, expenses and appointments centrally.
  • SEO features: Benefit from automatic checks for readability and originality.
  • Personalization: Enrich articles automatically with suitable cross-references.
App and website

High-performance apps and websites are the be-all and end-all for an appealing user experience and essential for the digital success of publishers. Purple Essentials uses state-of-the-art cloud technology to ensure high availability and optimum performance.

  • Speed: Minimize loading times and maximize user retention.
  • Responsive design: Adaptation to all end devices.
  • Scalability: Flexible adaptation to growing user numbers and requirements.
AI services

Purple Prompts, an essential part of the Purple Essentials suite, represents the next generation of editorial tools built on the powerful GPT-4 AI. It is designed to help editors increase the quality of their content while minimizing the effort required for routine tasks. The plugin enables editors to refine articles and optimize content with intelligent support. Centralized management and ease of use allow teams to manage their content smoothly across multiple channels and strengthen reader engagement.

  • Individual prompts: Easy creation and application to articles in the editorial system.
  • Centralized management: Clear and intuitive user interface for prompts.
  • Efficiency: Time-saving automation of routine tasks such as headings and SEO.
  • Quality improvement: Consistent and high-quality content through standardized prompts.


What is Purple Essentials?

Purple Essentials is a digital publishing solution that optimizes the workflows of small and medium-sized daily newspaper publishers through automation and AI support. This out-of-the-box solution includes an AI-powered editorial system, a standardized website and an optional hybrid app - all at an affordable price thanks to efficient standardization.

The rapid deployment of Purple Essentials - within just 3-6 months - enables publishers to quickly establish themselves digitally. As a SaaS product, users benefit from regular updates without having to tie up their own developer resources and always remain technologically up to date. Purple Essentials provides publishers with a cost-effective, rapidly deployable and future-proof solution for digital transformation.

What is included in Purple Essentials?

Purple Hub:

Your headless CMS At the heart of Purple Essentials is the Purple Hub, a headless CMS that forms the starting point for your editorial workflow. It is a headless backend for content creation and editing that is equipped with AI services such as ChatGPT. These services enable text length adjustments, the creation of SEO-optimized headlines and the creation of social media posts directly in the system.

Purple Content Cloud:

Content preparation rethought Content is stored in the Purple Content Cloud and enriched with state-of-the-art tools such as text-to-speech. Additional AI services support you in optimally preparing your content for all channels.

Purple Web Experience:

A website that inspires. Experience a fast, responsive and secure website that offers your readers a first-class user experience and meets the latest SEO standards. Your news site will not only look good, it will also score highly with search engines.

Purple App Experience:

The app that can do more Offer your users a hybrid app that sets new standards in terms of user experience. Whether news or e-paper - your content is always optimally presented.

Integrations that make your life easier:

Purple Essentials integrates seamlessly into existing systems and includes partnerships with tools such as Desk-Net for planning and plenigo for subscription management. You also have the option of using "tohoop" from ppi to digitize your print processes. Purple Essentials is not just software - it is a complete solution that makes your publishing house future-proof.

What makes Purple Essentials special?

Purple Essentials stands out in the world of publishing software thanks to a range of features that make it especially indispensable for publishers:

- Tailored to local and regional reporting:

Purple Essentials is a customized solution that is perfect for the rapid creation and distribution of local and regional content. Publishers can use it to immediately strengthen their proximity to their readership.

- Digitization made easy:

As a SaaS platform, Purple Essentials enables publishers to develop and establish digital offerings on the market in a timely manner, supported by ongoing updates and constant adaptation to new technological developments.

- Time and cost savings:

Fast implementation and a clear, predictable pricing model make Purple Essentials particularly attractive for budget-conscious publishers.

- Ease of use:

The platform is designed to minimize training time and allow publishers to focus on what they do best - creating great content.

- Complete system from a single source:

Purple Essentials is the result of intensive research and cooperation with publishers and offers a system that is directly tailored to the needs of the industry.

- Extensive functions:

‍Withtools for every aspect of publishing - from content creation to audience development - Purple Essentials offers a comprehensive solution for modern publishers.

Purple Essentials offers exactly what publishers need for a successful digital presence - it is a specialized solution that simplifies everyday editorial work and facilitates digital transformation.

What are my benefits with Purple Essentials?

Purple Essentials offers a number of advantages that make it an ideal solution for regional and local publishers.

- Fast implementation:

With Purple Essentials, your publishing house is quickly on the digital market. Thanks to ready-made structures and a standardized approach, Purple Essentials is fully operational in just 3-6 months. This rapid implementation process means you can reap the benefits of digitization without delay.

- Cost efficiency:

Purple Essentials is a cost-effective solution, especially when compared to individual developments. The transparent pricing model and the SaaS model make budget planning easier. The funds saved can be used to develop new digital business models.

- Optimization of the editorial workflow :

The integrated backend (Purple Hub), content preparation in the Purple Content Cloud and the user-friendly front-end builder (Purple Experience Builder) simplify the editorial process. This enables more efficient content creation and editing and frees up resources for the development of new digital offerings.

- Integrated AI services:

With AI services such as ChatGPT for text length adjustments and SEO-optimized headlines, Purple Essentials offers powerful tools for automating and optimizing editorial work.

- Best-in-class tools:

Purple Essentials integrates leading publishing tools, including Desk-Net for topic planning, plenigo for subscription management and Upscore for the paywall.

- Seamless integration with print workflows :

Purple Essentials offers a standardized workflow for print publications that can be easily integrated into any existing print system. Optionally available is "tohoop" from ppi, an in-depth integration of print directly in the editor.

Overall, Purple Essentials enables publishers to get started quickly and efficiently with digital transformation, optimizes editorial workflows and supports the development of new digital business models by freeing up resources that were previously tied up in less efficient processes. With Purple Essentials, you can focus on what really matters: creating high-quality content and engaging your readership.

What can Purple Essentials do better than the competition?

Purple Essentials clearly stands out from its competitors and offers specific advantages that make it particularly attractive for small and medium-sized publishers:

- Complete overall package:

Purple Essentials is a complete solution that is ready for immediate use. It offers everything publishers need to produce their content efficiently and distribute it widely. In addition to a powerful editorial system, Purple Essentials also includes a responsive website and a hybrid app. These offer both a news and an e-paper section, enabling a comprehensive digital presence.

-"Preconceived" system:

With Purple Essentials, publishers don't have to worry about the technical setup. The system is already optimized for a successful digital transformation and takes the technical planning off your hands.

- Continuous further development:

Purple Essentials benefits from a targeted product roadmap that is specifically geared towards the publishing segment. This ensures that publishers always have access to the latest technical developments and features, such as Purple Prompts with integrated ChatGPT in the editor.

- Simple operation:

Purple Essentials is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. Onboarding for the editorial team is quick and uncomplicated, which significantly reduces the training period.

- Control remains with the publisher:

Unlike other providers, with Purple Essentials publishers retain full control over their business. Purple provides the technology, but all other decisions - from content to business strategy - are made by the publisher.

Overall, Purple Essentials offers a unique combination of completeness, ease of use and future-oriented technology that sets it apart from other solutions on the market. Publishers can rely on Purple Essentials to provide them with a powerful, efficient solution that is tailored to their needs.

What support do I receive from Purple Essentials?

We understand how important reliable support is for the smooth operation of your editorial team. That's why we offer comprehensive support and ongoing maintenance: publishers using Purple Essentials benefit from our support team, which is available from 6am to 10pm every day.

Whether you have questions, need help using the system or encounter a problem, our team is ready to help you quickly and efficiently. For publishers who need support around the clock, we offer optional 24-hour support.

How does Purple Essentials support digitization in publishing houses?

Purple Essentials is your partner on the path to the digital future. It has been specially developed to accompany and support small and medium-sized daily newspaper publishers in their digital transformation.

Comprehensive digital platform:

Purple Essentials offers a holistic solution that covers all aspects of digital publishing. From AI-powered editorial systems to responsive websites and hybrid apps, Purple Essentials ensures that publishers have the tools they need for a successful online presence.

Easy transition to the digital world:

With its out-of-the-box solution, Purple Essentials enables publishers to enter the digital world quickly and easily. The system is user-friendly and requires minimal training, allowing publishers to quickly implement their digital offerings.

Workflow optimization:

By automating and simplifying processes, Purple Essentials helps to optimize the editorial workflow. Publishers can work more efficiently, giving them more time to create high-quality content.

Support in the development of digital business models:

Purple Essentials offers the flexibility and functionality needed to support and implement new digital business models. Whether it's managing online subscriptions, monetizing content or analyzing user data, Purple Essentials provides the tools publishers need to succeed in the digital age.

Continuous updating and adaptation:

As a SaaS solution, Purple Essentials is continuously updated and adapted to the latest technological developments. This ensures that publishers always remain at the cutting edge of technology and can benefit from the latest digital trends.

Overall, Purple Essentials helps publishers master the transition to a digital future by enabling them to optimize their processes, develop new business models and present their content effectively and engagingly online.

Can my existing systems for newsletters, paywall etc. be integrated into Purple Essentials? be integrated into Purple Essentials?

Purple Essentials was developed as an efficient and uncomplicated solution especially for small and medium-sized daily newspaper publishers. It offers a clear and fixed feature set that provides a quick-to-use and cost-effective solution. When it comes to integrating existing systems that are not part of Purple Essentials, such as specific paywall or newsletter systems, Purple offers a more comprehensive platform with Purple Pro. Purple Pro enables seamless integration and customization to meet your publisher's specific requirements.

For publishers who want to benefit from a standardized product: Purple Essentials is ideal if you are looking for an uncomplicated, ready-to-use system that covers basic needs without additional complexity.

For publishers who need more flexibility and customization: Larger publishing houses that require special adaptations or the integration of specific external systems will find the desired flexibility and customized functionality in Purple Pro.

Overall, Purple offers a range of solutions to meet the different needs and requirements of publishers, whether through the ready-to-use Purple Essentials or the more comprehensive and flexible Purple Pro.

Can I upgrade Purple Essentials if necessary?

Purple Essentials offers flexible upgrade options that are specifically designed to further increase the efficiency and functionality of the editorial system. Optional upgrade modules for Purple Essentials:

Print module "tohoop":

This module enables seamless integration of print article editing directly in the Purple Hub editor. With "tohoop", publishers can effortlessly design the transition between digital and printed content and thus further optimize their editorial processes.

Purple Link Optimizer AI module:

The Purple Link Optimizer automates and simplifies the linking of articles. This tool not only contributes to more efficient content linking, but also increases the time readers spend on the pages and improves search engine rankings. Intelligent internal linking strengthens the publisher's online presence, which increases visibility and reach in search engines.

Can I customize Purple Essentials?

Purple Essentials is designed as a standardized product to maximize efficiency, scalability and product stability. Therefore, extensive customization of the core Purple Essentials system is not planned. This standardization makes it possible to efficiently meet a wide range of customer needs and continuously adapt the product to the changing requirements of the market.

Purple Essentials offers several options for customizing the front end to give your publishing house an individual look and feel:

- Exchanging logos: You can integrate your own logo to present your publisher's brand prominently.

- Color adjustments: Customize the color scheme to match your corporate identity to ensure a consistent brand experience.

- Fonts: Choose fonts that contribute to the style and readability of your content.

These front-end adaptations enable publishers to maintain their brand identity and visual uniqueness despite the standardization of the core product. Purple Essentials provides you with a future-proof solution that also allows you to visually adapt to your publisher's CI.

What makes Purple Essentials different from Purple?

Purple Essentials is a configuration of the Purple platform that is tailored to the needs of regional and local publishers.

Purple Essentials:

Specialized for smaller publishers Purple Essentials is a special configuration of Purple that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized daily newspaper publishers. It offers a ready-made solution that includes basic functions for digitizing editorial processes. This out-of-the-box solution is ideal for publishers looking for a fast, cost-efficient and uncomplicated way to digitize their processes.

Purple Pro: More comprehensive for larger publishers

In contrast, Purple is a comprehensive digital publishing platform with a wider range of functions and greater customizability. It is aimed at larger publishers who require specific, customized solutions and are willing to invest in a more comprehensive platform. Purple offers enhanced functionality and flexibility to support the complex requirements and individual processes of larger publishers. In summary, Purple Essentials is the optimal choice for smaller publishers looking for a quick and easy digitization solution, while Purple is designed for larger publishers who require a wider range of features and greater customizability.

Ramona Bürki

Business Development, ZT Medien

"At Zofinger Tagblatt, we are excellently positioned for the future thanks to Purple DS. The collaboration with the

Screens Zofinger Tagblatt
Mathis Neuburger


Thanks to Purple Prompts, we work more efficiently than ever in the MOPO editorial team. Purple's AI support is particularly valuable in news production and error correction, where speed and precision are crucial. The collaboration with Purple in the development of the tool is more than pleasant.

Martin Werren

Project Manager Technology & Data

"With Purple, we are relying on a very powerful production system with which we will also be able to flexibly implement future requirements."

Danielle Stevenson

Product Manager for Digital Editions at NewsLifeMedia

"Purple's modern work processes allow us to offer our customers native apps for all mobile devices."

Florian Fricke

Head of International Digital Solution at Bauer Xcel Media

"Migrating all of our titles to a single platform is an exciting step in providing a consistent digital experience for our readers."

Ramona Knorr

Project Manager Digital Publishing

"Thanks to innovative audio formats, we now offer our digital readers even more added value."

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